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IOTA-005 Hexamethyldisiloxane

IOTA-005 Hexamethyldisiloxane

Product identification: 
Chemical Name: Hexamethyldisiloxane
Alias:  Hexamethyldisiloxane; MM
CAS No.: 107-46-0
EINECS: 203-492-7
Structural Formula: 

1. Used as blocking agent, cleaner, release agent, also can be used as material of silazane.
2. Used in silicone rubber, medicines, GC stationary liquid, analysis reagent and moisture repellent

Product Package:

200L plastic barrel or plastic coated iron barrel; Net weight 150KG. Contact us for special specification..
Transportation and storage: 
1. Keep in cool, dry and well ventilated place, far away from fire, heat source, Storage temperature<30℃. 
2. Avoid direct sunlight, Sealed tightly, and do not contact with air. Avoid moisture, no contact with oxidants, acid and alkali.
3. The lighting, ventilation facilities in the storage room should adopt explosion-proof products. Anti-fire and anti-explosion facilities are essential for tank storage.
4. The mechanical equipment and tools that are easy to produce the spark are forbidden to use. Load gently, Prevent packaging and container from damage.
5. Hazardous chemicals.

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