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Details Information

IOTA-5061 3-Chloropropylmethylclethoxysilane

IOTA-5061 3-Chloropropylmethylclethoxysilane

Molecular weight: 210.5

CAS: 13501-76-3

Physical property index:

Flash point: 79.6°C

Boiling point: 82 °C

Refractive index:1.4232

Density: 0.973

Properties and uses:

This product is a reactive silane coupling agent, it is a colorless transparent liquid, under acidic or alkaline conditions, hydrolysis and crosslinking reaction. Is also a kind of important silane coupling agent intermediate, preparation containing two ethoxy groups and coupling agent of important basic raw materials, are widely used in composite materials, coating, printing ink and sealing material and elastomer and a low molecular weight pad plastic resin etc.. Can also be used as rubber and resin active additives and fixing agent.

Package and storage:

1. The product must be sealed packaging storage at room temperature in the warehouse is less than or equal to 30 DEG C, otherwise they will be  formed on the hydrolysis of moisture polymer.

2. This product has slight stimulation to the skin and eyes, so when in use to do protection.

3. This product packaging: 200KG plastic packaging and plastic packaging barrel 1000KG barrel.

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