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IOTA-31 Methyltrimethylethylketoximesilaneblend

IOTA-31 Methyltrimethylethylketoximesilaneblend



Structure: CH3Si[ONC (CH3) C2H5]3 (M=301.5)

Physical and chemical properties: 
This product is a colorless or light yellow transparent liquid, in case of water crosslinked to diacetylmonoxime. 

Boiling point: 330 /760mmHg

Specific gravity (25): 0.980 + 0.005g/ml

The refractive index (25 DEG C): 1.4585±0.0020

Quality standard:

Appearance: colorless to light yellow transparent liquid

TOS content: 18-20%

pH: 7.0±0.5


1. RTV silicone rubber, silicone sealant (neutral) as cross-linking agent.

2. Contains four functional groups of components, the use of the product can improve the strength of silicone rubber, shorten the table dry time and the depth of curing time.

Packaging and storage 

1. Packed in 25kg, 200kg plastic drum

2. Stored in a cool, dry place to avoid light, heat and moisture.

3. Transport according to general chemical transport rules.

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