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Details Information

IOTA-36 Phenyltris(methylethylketoximio)silane

IOTA-36 Phenyltris(methylethylketoximio)silane

CAS NO: 34036-80-1

Molecular formula: C18H29N3O3Si

Physical and chemical properties:

Colorless to light yellow and transparent, easy to hydrolysis in water

Boiling point: 63 ℃/760mmHg

Specific gravity(25℃): 0.995 ± 0.02g/ml

Content :≥ 90%

Refractive index (25 C): 1.503 ±0.02


1. The product as a crosslinking component neutral cure silicone sealant production and use of the process agent to produce high elongation low modulus encapsulant.

2 the use of IOTA-36 will also improve product tear resistance and heat resistance in sealant formulations.

3. In the silicone sealant to use IOTA-36. Another important advantage is it can extend the table dry time without destroying the anti-cracking performance.


Indoor light storage, maintain ventilation, cool, dry. The container should be sealed to prevent moisture from entering into production.

plastic drum, net weight 25kg/200kg.

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