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From 1:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m., the life of Qinghua Xueba is more difficult than that of senior three!

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Recently, Tsinghua University published a list of Tsinghua students' plans, which became a hot topic
Go to bed at 1:00 a.m., get up at 6:00 a.m., start studying at 6:40 a.m., and make full arrangements from 9:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m.
According to the official blog of Tsinghua University, this "Tsinghua student's schedule" is an exhibit in the "Tsinghua University excellent style of study archives historical data exhibition" which is being held in the school history museum of Tsinghua University.
Tsinghua University official micro wrote: such a study, want not to learn bully is difficult!
There are many notes, assignments and plans of Tsinghua graduates and students in school in the exhibition. The handwriting is neat and clear. How can such students not be excellent!
"Sure enough, excellent people work harder than you," netizens said.
Some netizens also said: "time is fair, and different ways of distribution create different people.".
There are many netizens said that they have also been inspired and should work harder.
There is no shortcut in learning. Real success is the result of accumulation.
As netizens say, it's hard to be a bully if you want to study like Tsinghua students! These students have been admitted to many of the institutions of higher learning that people dream of, and they still haven't relaxed for a moment.
There's a saying that goes well: success is never a legendary leap, but a step-by-step step step out. The road to success is not crowded, because there are a lot of people who say they work hard, and few who really stick to it.
We envy those people, but what they get is often what they deserve. If you don't get it, there is only one conclusion, that's not done.
Before that, the twin sisters of huaxueba Jiao Yuchen and Jiao Yuxiao, who were admitted to Tsinghua University, also used to swipe the screen online. Sister flower said that in learning, nothing can be accomplished overnight, and real success is the result of accumulation.
Every time they come back from a competition or training in other places, if they are at school, they never go home first, but get off the bus and go directly to the classroom; every new year's Eve, they eat dumplings and read books; on the first day of the new year, when the sound of firecrackers rings rings, they are still doing exercises; sometimes on the way out of training, they are still reading books.
When they went back to their high school alma mater to share their experiences, they said that to improve their performance is nothing more than time and efficiency. In Qinghua, most people have similar experience. Now, it seems crazy and hard to stick to it. But some roads don't have much twists and turns after they have passed, and some bitterness doesn't feel like it after they have swallowed it. Some things that seem inconceivable to outsiders are nothing more than mediocre to the parties concerned.
"Because of the support of faith, you will only run recklessly towards your goal, not tired. It's not only Xueba who has such ability. Everyone has it. As long as you enter that state, you will understand their world. People's potential is always infinite. If you don't inspire it, you can never surpass it. "
Hard work and self-discipline bring excellence and happiness.
Last year, Zhu Kezhen College of Zhejiang University shocked many people with a dense schedule of study and life. The schedule is arranged from 6:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. every day. The learning content of each period of the week is accurate to a few o'clock. The learning state can be said to compete against time.
Many students on the Internet said, "this is our learning bully Hu Yijie, which can be called a god like existence in Zhejiang University. It's nothing to do with a good performance of the God of men. The key is to be able to play, fly a plane, play diving, create fashion clothes by yourself, with high beauty and fashion... "
Some netizens said, "it's great. It can be described as a legend! His resume is almost open. "
Hu Yijie was not a bully from childhood. When he first entered Hangzhou No.2 Middle School, he took the first mid-term exam in high school. He was 132 in grade, and later he was 19 in grade. In the 2012 college entrance examination, he was admitted to the medical experimental class of Zhejiang University with a score higher than that of Zhejiang University.
At University, Hu Yijie wants to change his major. In Zhejiang University, if you want to change major, you must be the best student. In order to achieve the goal, Hu Yijie's freshman life has no spare time activities, only learning two words. "My freshman is more bitter than my junior." Hu Yijie said.
"I'm not a bully. From high school to college, I still suffered a lot of setbacks. It turned out that I got good grades in junior high school, but I was so poor in Hangzhou No.2 Middle School. I felt a little low self-esteem at that time. I have to prove myself to my parents and the people around me, so I have been studying hard. When I arrived at University, my biggest feeling was that hard work and self-discipline brought me a lot of happiness. I have been working hard and self disciplined. "
Like the hot schedule on the Internet, Hu Yijie has more than 40. Surprisingly, his schedule is exactly the same as that of the twin girl Xueba of Tsinghua University. "There used to be news about twin girls at Tsinghua University. After reading it, I wrote down their schedule and thought that I could do it, so I made a copy of it, and insisted on it for a month, which is still very effective," he said
Hu Yijie said: I really enjoy this precise schedule, and I like the feeling of learning and living efficiently under high self-discipline.
Hard work, self-discipline, this is my personal choice. Although the conditions at home are good and my parents are open-minded, I think I should make further efforts on this basis, rather than settle down to the status quo.
I have met many excellent talents, and I know that some of my achievements are insignificant, let alone my innate conditions are not the best. This kind of pressure needs to be transformed into a driving force, so I need to be self disciplined and assiduous.
Self discipline, hard work, use of time, and improve efficiency are the secrets for these people to become masters of learning. There is no shortcut in learning. Real success is the result of accumulation. Good people often get what they deserve. If you don't get it, there is only one conclusion: you haven't done it well.
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