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Annual salary of 180000-210000 ︱ Beijing University of technology recruitment, good English ability

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In order to build and cultivate a management staff team that meets the needs of "double first-class" construction, the post of pre employment management staff of Beijing University of technology is now open to the public recruitment of 2020 outstanding fresh graduates at home and abroad.
1、 Recruitment position
Position of counselor and management staff
2、 Application conditions
1. To support the leadership of the Communist Party of China, the line, principles and policies of the Communist Party of China, and have good political quality and moral conduct;
2. Master degree or above:
In 2020, outstanding graduates (including postdoctors) from domestic and foreign full-time high-level universities will be trained in the way of full-time unified recruitment and unified score. In principle, they should obtain academic degree or postdoctoral certificate before July 2020;
During the two-year job-hunting period, unemployed college graduates who have not implemented their work units, whose registered permanent residence, files and organizational relations are still kept in the original graduate school, or in the competent departments of graduate employment at all levels (Graduate Employment Guidance Service Center), talent exchange service institutions at all levels and public employment service institutions at all levels are trained in the way of full-time unified recruitment;
3. Good oral English, 425 or above CET-6, or pass CET-4 or CET-8 for English majors; for overseas returnees, IELTS (6.0 or above) and TOEFL (85 or above) can be used instead;
4. In principle, master's graduates should be under 27 years old (born on January 1, 1993 and later), doctoral graduates should be under 32 years old (born on January 1, 1988 and later), and postdoctoral researchers should be under 35 years old (born on January 1, 1985 and later);
5. Proficient in using all kinds of computer office software, with strong document writing ability;
6. Good physical and mental health, love college education management, have a high sense of responsibility and service dedication, strong execution, organization and coordination ability, expression and communication ability and team spirit;
7. Meet other job requirements specified by specific employer.
3、 Remuneration
This recruitment post is a series of a (business establishment) posts under the full contract employment system. The annual income before master's tax is about 180000 yuan (excluding 46000 yuan of social insurance, occupational pension and provident fund paid by the unit), and the annual income before doctor's tax is about 210000 yuan (excluding 52000 yuan of social insurance, occupational pension and provident fund paid by the unit); the fresh graduates with doctor's degree received by management staff positions and postdoctoral students enjoy one-off youth teaching positions The working allowance is 50000 yuan, and the fresh graduates with master's degree enjoy a one-time allowance of 30000 yuan for young teachers and workers.
4、 Recruitment procedure
The open recruitment shall be carried out according to the following procedures: online application → qualification examination of the school's corresponding recruiters → school selection of those who pass the qualification examination shall participate in the post competency test organized by the third-party human resources service company at the specified time, and the school shall determine the candidates for internship investigation according to the difference in the number of recruitment posts → shortlisted candidates for internship shall go to the employer for internship, and the employer shall conduct internship according to the internship According to the number of recruitment positions, the survey proposes the difference recommended candidates → the school conducts psychological quality test, oral English test and interview assessment for the recommended candidates → after the candidates pass the interview assessment, pass the physical examination, pass the political examination and have no objection to the publicity, the school signs an employment contract with them.
The recruitment links such as written examination, internship investigation and interview will be arranged online or offline according to the epidemic situation. Please pay attention to the website of Human Resources Department of Beijing University of science and technology to keep the communication unblocked.
5、 Application method
Please log in to the recruitment website of Beijing University of science and Technology (http://rszhaopin.bit.edu.cn/zp.html ා /) for online application, fill in your resume and apply for the corresponding post after registration. Each person is limited to 2 management positions.
When applying for the job, please note that it is necessary to upload the scanned copies or photos of relevant supporting materials in the "resume attachment", including but not limited to: National recognized academic degree certificate, ID card, English proficiency certificate, and final academic transcript (with the official seal of the Academic Affairs Department of the school).
6、 Others
1. This batch of posts are pre employment posts. After the employment period expires, the employment period will be assessed and the best one will be selected for renewal.
2. Under the following circumstances, the school will not accept or cancel the employment:
(1) Non unified recruitment of graduates;
(2) Submitting false application materials;
(3) The physical examination, oral test, psychological test, political examination and other inspections do not meet the requirements;
(4) The proposed candidate abandons the employment;
(5) Failing to sign the tripartite agreement within the prescribed time or failing to report on time;
(6) Any objection to the result of publicity of the candidates to be hired affects the employment;
(7) Failing to pass the examination during the probation period;
(8) Graduates accepted by the employer in violation of the open recruitment policy of the University;
(9) Other circumstances affecting employment.
For the employed graduates who fail to report their own conditions and violate the regulations of the University, the university will report to the superior unit to cancel the employment qualification, and cancel the qualification to settle in Beijing.
3. The applicant shall keep the communication tools unblocked, and he / she shall be responsible for the relevant consequences caused by the poor communication. The applicant shall check all announcement and publicity matters on the Internet in a timely manner, and the responsibility for failing to participate in the next recruitment procedure due to the applicant's own reason shall be borne by the applicant.
4. The materials submitted by candidates will not be returned.
7、 Recruitment time limit
The registration deadline is May 3, 2020.
8、 Contact information
Contact person of human resources department: Mr. Yao, Mr. Zhou
Tel: 010-68918577
Fax: 010-68913013
E-mail: bitzhaopin@bit.edu.cn (for consultation only, no resume)
(Note: please call 010-68913013 or email bitzhaopin@bit.edu.cn for consultation in case of system problems during online registration.)
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