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Notice for the second examination of master's degree in 2020 of Nanjing University of science and technology

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According to the requirements of current epidemic prevention and control and the work deployment of superior competent departments, our school, on the basis of ensuring safety, fairness and scientificity, fully considers the health of examinees and teachers involved in the examination, and adopts the way of network remote retest. The retest time is arranged in the middle and late May. The specific arrangement will be notified separately. Please pay close attention to the subsequent notice issued by our school.
1、 Confirm retest subjects
From May 7 to May 9, candidates will go online to confirm the re examination subjects, contact number, mailing address and other information. Website:
2、 Submit audit materials
Candidates are required to upload the following electronic materials online. Please refer to the follow-up notice for the specific time and method. Among them, materials 1-7 are scanned into PDF files and uploaded.
1. Candidates' letter of commitment for integrity retest (download and print in the system, and sign by hand);
2. My admission certificate;
3. Both sides of the original valid ID card;
4. The current student shall provide the original of student certificate; the previous student shall provide the original of graduation certificate and degree certificate;
5. Student's academic transcript in school;
6. Copies of all kinds of supporting materials reflecting their comprehensive quality, ability and level (those in line with the bonus policy shall be provided with supporting materials);
7. Candidates for the special plan of "retired college students and soldiers" shall provide the original of "enlistment approval" and "certificate of withdrawal from active service";
8. Candidates read out the video of the letter of commitment of integrity in the second round exam.
3、 Pay retest fee
Candidates must log in to the online payment platform to pay the retest fee (80 yuan / student) before participating in the retest. Those who fail to pay the retest fee shall not participate in the retest; those who have paid the fee shall not be refunded if they fail to participate in the retest due to their own reasons.
4、 Equipment and environmental requirements for candidates to take part in remote retest
In order to ensure the smooth progress of the remote retest, candidates must be ready to participate in the equipment and retest environment required by the remote retest before May 13. Before the retest, the test shall be conducted according to the requirements of the college notice.
1. 1 laptop or desktop with camera, microphone and speaker; 1 smartphone.
2. Good and stable network, it is recommended to prepare at least 2 kinds of wired network, Wi Fi and 4G.
3. Choose an independent, closed, quiet and bright retest room, do not place any objects beyond the requirements of the school and the college, and close the electronic equipment irrelevant to the retest. Except for the examinee himself, no other person can be in the room or enter the room, and no other voice is allowed.
5、 Supplies for candidates taking remote retest
1. The original of my second generation ID card;
2. The examination supplies required by the college.
6、 Precautions for candidates to take part in remote retest
1. All candidates must carefully read the regulations of the Ministry of education on the administration of national postgraduate enrollment in 2020, the notice on doing well in the national postgraduate retest in 2020, the measures for the handling of national educational examination violations, the amendment to the criminal law of the people's Republic of China (IX), the Interim Measures for the handling of enrollment violations of ordinary colleges and universities, and Nanjing Institute of technology Relevant recruitment information issued by universities and colleges of application for examination, honest retest.
2. If the examinee finds any illegal behavior during the retest, he / she will be seriously punished in accordance with the relevant regulations, disqualified and recorded in the examinee's examination integrity file. Within 3 months after enrollment, our university will, according to the requirements of the Ministry of education and in accordance with the relevant requirements of the regulations on the management of students in general colleges and universities, conduct a comprehensive reexamination of all candidates; those who fail to pass the reexamination will be deprived of their school status, and those with serious circumstances will be transferred to the relevant departments for investigation and handling.
3. Install and commission the equipment as required before retest. Two devices on the examinee's side turn on the camera, the computer camera is aimed at the examinee himself, and the mobile camera is 45 ° from the back of the examinee. To ensure that the examinee's examination screen can be clearly seen by the re examination expert group. See the attached figure:
Lens 1
Lens 2
4. The candidates are sitting in the right position with the camera during the interview. The hands and head are completely visible to the retest expert. Do not wear heavy makeup, jewelry, hair should not cover the face, showing ears.
5. Candidates test equipment and network in advance. It is necessary to ensure that the power of the equipment is sufficient and the network connection is normal. After debugging the device, close the applications in the mobile device that may affect the interview.
7、 Contact information
1. Admission Office of Graduate School of Nanjing University of Technology
Address: No. 200, Xiaolingwei, Nanjing
Postcode: 210094
Contact: 025-84303162
2. Contact and consultation information of each college
Graduate Association of School of Electro Optics, Nanjing University of Technology
Source: Graduate School

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