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@Zhuhai University of North technology is young and responsible together. Please take this reply!

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In February 21st, general secretary Xi Jinping answered the letter to the students of University of Tibet School of medicine who were intern in Peking University Shougang Hospital. In March 15th, general secretary Xi Jinping wrote back to all the "post-90s" party members from the medical team of the medical aid team of Peking University. The two replies fully reflected the encouragement, support and affirmation of general secretary Xi Jinping's role in the youth Anti Japanese war in the war of resistance against the epidemic. The school students have a wide range of responses and discussions.
A meeting about learning and implementing the general secretary
"Big dragon" activity of reply spirit
Therefore, it is carried out among colleges and universities across the country
In the "epidemic" of this war, the majority of young people consciously popularized epidemic knowledge, collected donations, participated in voluntary activities and even went to the front line to fight against the epidemic, all of which reflected the responsibility and responsibility of the contemporary young people.
Today, Zhuhai branch of Beijing Normal University took over the baton from @ Zhongshan Torch vocational and technical college and passed it on to @ Zhuhai College of Beijing University of technology to convey the spirit of anti epidemic and gather the strength of young people.
The party members of the student party branches of Zhuhai branch of Beijing Normal University take the lead in demonstrating their concern for the people's livelihood and national affairs, and have a profound reflection and experience of the war "epidemic"; they actively study theoretical knowledge and put it into practice, give back to the society and serve the motherland; they actively participate in online and offline volunteer service activities and contribute their own efforts
To sew armor with knowledge
Learn to apply it, read and learn from the general secretary Xi Jinping's reply on line, share the learning experience; online reading and communication will broaden their horizons, dig deep thinking, and appreciate humane care; online party teaching and Party members' meetings, train Party members to serve the people, set an example, arm themselves with theoretical knowledge, and deal with the public, including the epidemic. Many difficulties and challenges.
Students learn to reply
Online reading exchange
Online party class and meeting
Epidemic knowledge learning punch
That's ok
With the blood of youth
Not only stay in oral, but also take an example to go to grassroots voluntary service points, participate in epidemic prevention and control work, and implement the spirit of voluntary service to the end, without complaint or regret.
Xiong Qiyi
Chen Xiaohao
Lin Shuangyu
Wu Tong
Sun Xiaohan
Zhao Xinyi
Feng Yuan
Xiao Shanni
Wang Jun
Online course guidance
Feel life with your heart
The student party members of our school are concerned about the social and people's livelihood in the epidemic situation. In combination with the current situation and self thinking of the epidemic situation, they create art, such as photography, calligraphy, poster making, radio programs and refueling videos. They have a variety of types and forms, which show the artistic style of the youth, and gather the positive energy of "unite as one, overcome the difficulties together".
Image recording
Sun Jiani
Luo Xianzhe
Calligraphy works
Huang Ju
Jiang Weige
Yang Kunyu
Deng Xiaoying
Jiang Weige
Zhong Shangjun
Poster cartoon
Guo Xuemin
Li Junlin
Chen Xuezhu
Sun Yunong
Liu Jiarong
Zhang Jialin
Student Party branch of soft industry of Xinyuan
Radio program
Yisheng radio: column of "Yi" against "epidemic"
Cai Zhihuo
Refueling video
Student Party branch of Information Technology College
Student Party branch of College of Applied Mathematics
Student Party branch of art and Communication College
Express feelings with words
Using words to express feelings, we respond positively to the reply of general secretary Xi Jinping, and show the sense of national mission and responsibility of our young Party members.
Student Party branch of Logistics College
Bi Zhiwen 2016 student Party member epidemic prevention and control volunteer
General secretary Xi Jinping's reply to all the "post-90s" party members of the medical aid team of Peking University is a high affirmation and ardent expectation for the outstanding performance of the young Party members in the new era.
Since the outbreak of the epidemic, too many people and things have brought us warmth and moved, and let us feel the strong people's strength. History has come to an important juncture to withstand severe challenges. Everyone is personally experiencing this event of the times, witnessing the history of human disaster, struggle and glory. In the face of such a rare major epidemic, I often think about what I can do at such a historical moment, so that I can be worthy of the identity of a young Party member and the role of a historical witness. I do my best to donate for my community, and I do my best to organize materials, draft documents, edit and modify for the anti epidemic propaganda work in the community. In this process, I have questioned myself, whether I can persist in the end, what is the significance of what I have done to stop the epidemic; I have been confused, hesitated, and felt weak and humble in a panic.
Not everyone is a superhero who saves tens of millions of people. The power of a student Party member is small and insignificant, but the power of all young student party members is majestic and exciting. The letter from general secretary Xi Jinping to young Party members is to encourage every weak light of us to always look at the ideal and the vision to the sea of stars and gather light to light the world.
When the country and the nation need it, and when the people need it, the new youth in the new era should dare to take on and take on the important tasks. They should also dare to do what they can. Keep in mind the general secretary Xi Jinping's sincere instructions, always adhere to the party members' initial heart and belief, and demonstrate our youth's action with practical action.
Student Party branch of real estate College
Chen Xiaohao 2016 student Party member epidemic prevention and control volunteer
On March 15, General Secretary Xi's reply gave full affirmation and praise to all the post-90s members of Peking University medical team in Hubei Province, and also encouraged the confidence of the young Party members of the whole country.
Gathering is a group of fire, scattering is a sky full of stars, the majority of young Party members across the country are using practical action to light a lamp of hope in this silent campaign. There are medical and logistics teams working tirelessly before, and grassroots comrades stabilizing people's hearts. There are many young talents among them. They are distributed in all posts and all walks of life. They actively perform the duties of serving the people, shoulder historical missions and responsibilities, and burst out the excitement of youth.
As a member of the young Party members, I devoted myself to the voluntary work of "joint prevention and control, mass prevention and mass governance" during the anti epidemic period of the whole country, and contributed to the anti epidemic of my hometown. With the earnest teachings of General Secretary Xi, I understand that the responsibility of the times is always shouldered by young people. Young Party members should not only do practical things fearlessly, but also set an example in front of them, so as to drive more young people to the end of the victory of anti epidemic and even the glorious future of national rejuvenation.
I am proud to be a young Party member and to remember my mission.
The first student Party branch of the school of law and Administration
Cai Mengzhao, 2017 student Party member
"In the novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control struggle, your young people are in front of the brave outbreaks of the epidemic prevention and control personnel, together with the courage and courage to fight ahead, to forget their lives, to show the vigor of youth, and to give up qualified answers." On March 15th, general secretary Xi Jinping sent a reply to all the "post-90s" members of the medical team of the aid medical team of Peking University, and sent sincere greetings to them and to the vast majority of young people struggling to fight against the epidemic. The general secretary's reply is the recognition of the post-90s party members of Peking University medical team, and also the expectation of every post-90s Party member. Our "post-90s" are the new youth of this era. We are charged with the mission of the times and the important task of national rejuvenation. Especially in the face of the epidemic situation, we should stand up and learn from the spirit of "post-90s" members of Peking University medical team who are brave of difficulties and dangers, charging ahead, and willing to die.
We believe and firmly believe that our "post-90s generation" is a generation with lofty ideals, a generation with feelings of family and country, and a generation that can take on a great role!
Student Party branch of College of engineering and technology
Lin Shuangyu 2017 student Party member epidemic prevention and control volunteer
As a member of the post-90s generation, I am also interested in Wuhan, the people of Wuhan, the patients with the new coronavirus, and the medical staff and volunteers who are struggling in the front line. As a new youth and a party member, we should show the vigorous power of youth and strive to play the role of serving the people. Therefore, in response to the call of General Secretary Xi, I deeply understood that "if the young generation has ideals, abilities and responsibilities, the country will have a future, and the nation will have hope". I participated in the volunteer work of my community and stuck to the monitoring point of Aocheng garden.
Although we can't go to the front line to help patients like those medical workers, we can give full play to our own advantages, pay attention to all kinds of news information in a timely manner, do not believe in rumors, do not spread rumors, stop the spread of untrue words around in a timely manner, and set an example by ourselves.
Student Party branch of School of management
Peng Yiyan, 2018 student Party member epidemic prevention and control volunteer
This sudden "battle" makes us more aware of our responsibilities. During the epidemic period, when my community released the initiative to participate in community anti epidemic volunteer activities, I actively signed up to contribute my own strength for epidemic prevention and control.
General secretary Xi Jinping sent a reply to the "post-90s" Party member of Peking University, saying that "the younger generation has ideals, skills and responsibilities, and the country will have a future and the nation will have hope". As the youth of the new era, we should have the consciousness of "bravely shouldering the important tasks, dare to take on the responsibilities", constantly improve our ability, strive for comprehensive development, and actively respond to the call of the state and the party and practice. I believe that as long as we work together, we can overcome all difficulties.
Finance Party branch of international business department
Wang Xuechun 2017 student Party member
"Where is there any angel in white? It's just a group of children who have changed their clothes and are learning the way of their predecessors. It's just to cure the disease and save people, and rob people with the God of death." I remember that when I saw this sentence in the early days of anti epidemic, I was deeply touched. General Secretary Xi's reply is full of expectations and encouragement for the young generation, and I am encouraged. At the same time, I also realize the mission and burden of being a young Party member. As the saying goes, a strong young man is a strong country. The oath of joining the party is no more than saying. As a new generation of young people, we must work hard and develop excellent skills to let the youth bloom in the most needed place of the party and the people!
The second student Party branch of Education College
Liu shuning 2016 student Party member epidemic prevention and control volunteer
In the deep Reply of general secretary Xi Jinping, we fully encouraged the action of China's youth in the new era. I think that in this anti epidemic war, no one can stay out of the business. This is a test for China and even for Chinese youth. As a contemporary youth, we should bear in mind our mission, be brave in taking responsibility, and do our best to cross difficulties with the Chinese people and the people of the world! The volunteers who went to Wuhan for support are worthy of the model of the times. I admire their dedication and spirit of sacrifice. The positive energy they delivered made me have more power to participate in the community's epidemic prevention work. Through this epidemic, the contemporary youth grew up bravely, and China will become more powerful!
Student Party branch of Design College
Chen Jiaxin, 2017 student preparatory Party member
In the struggle against novel coronavirus pneumonia, the students from Peking University's aid medical team, together with the epidemic prevention and control personnel, are brave and fearless, and forget the death in front of their homes and death. They demonstrate the vigorous power of youth with action. They lead by example are the learning lists of Chinese youth in the new era

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