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Beijing University of science and technology: helping enterprises educate people and explore the poverty alleviation model in Colleges and Universities

2020-05-04 3897155

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Introduction: as a designated poverty alleviation unit of the central government, Beijing University of science and technology carries out designated assistance work in Fangshan County. In the past five years, relying on the advantages of subject resources, the university has explored the poverty alleviation model of colleges and universities, carried out a series of poverty alleviation projects, and written a great article on poverty alleviation in Luliang Mountain.
In the past two days, Pangquan heavy industry of Fangshan County has introduced 15 new CNC machine tools. Compared with the previous manual machine tools, the application of CNC equipment will greatly improve the efficiency and production capacity of the enterprise's return to work, but the workers in the newly purchased new equipment workshop are not able to operate.
Wu Keyou, the first Secretary of Hubao village in Fangshan County assigned by Beijing Institute of Technology: he used to be a farmer among the poor, and became a worker after entering the factory.
Zhang Yaoyao was originally a poor family with a registered card in Hubao village, Fangshan County. The year before last, Beijing University of technology settled down in the village to help their village. He introduced more than 50 of them to work in the enterprise, and the farmers became workers. He was not familiar with the technology. He was worried about the new equipment.
Li Chunyang, teacher of engineering training center of Beijing University of science and technology: today, we combine a batch of new CNC processing equipment in the factory to give you training.
The science and technology talent workstation of Fangshan County of Beijing Institute of technology will regularly send at least 10 professors and graduate teams to jointly carry out scientific and technological research with enterprises, and carry out special training for enterprise management, scraper manufacturing and numerical control programming. More than 200 times of point-to-point online teaching have been carried out in Colleges and universities.
Wu Keyou, the first Secretary of Hubao village in Fangshan County assigned by Beijing Institute of Technology: our courses are from 7:00 to 9:00 every night, which do not affect the normal work of workers after work. Besides mastering theoretical knowledge, it also broadens the horizon.
Liu Wei, production director of Pangquan Heavy Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.: Although the workers came to the factory late, they started quickly, which greatly reduced our labor cost, and greatly improved the output and quality of products.
In 2015, Beijing University of technology, in accordance with the various poverty alleviation work plans of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, designated to help Fangshan County carry out poverty alleviation. How to give full play to the scientific and technological advantages of North Polytechnic in the process of assistance, and turn the advanced technology into an effective driving force to help Fangshan County get rid of poverty and take off its hat and transform its economy. North Polytechnic has gradually established the idea of taking science and technology education as the leader, industry as the carrier, and county economic transformation and upgrading as the long-term goal.
Zhao Xi, deputy deputy head of Fangshan County assigned by Beijing University of science and technology: take further assistance measures in education, medical treatment, informatization, logistics and drinking water safety, and strive to promote the seamless connection of Fangshan from poverty alleviation to well-off.
"It is better to give fish than to give fish." Cooperation between beipolytechnic and Fangshan County, Through the poverty alleviation mode of e-commerce + leading enterprises (cooperatives) + farmers, online cooperatives + poverty alleviation workshops, industrial parks + high-level talents, remote consultation + health cottage, e-commerce skills training + distance education, let the cadres and people in the mountains know new knowledge, master new skills, broaden their horizons and thinking, and comprehensively promote the development of industry, employment, science and technology, health and education in the county 。
In recent years, Beijing University of technology has organized more than 1000 students, teachers, alumni and social forces to carry out the assistance work. The university has invested 3.15 million yuan in the assistance work, introduced 17.675 million yuan in the assistance work, trained more than 2000 technical personnel and helped sell 28.24 million yuan of agricultural products. Eight agricultural special start-up enterprises have been cultivated, and nearly 12000 sets (volumes) of equipment, books and clothing have been donated, forming a group type poverty alleviation model of colleges and universities.
Zhao Xi, deputy deputy head of Fangshan County assigned by Beijing Institute of Technology: the real realization of the precise connection between the development needs of Fangshan County and our school is to make a better combination of advantages and needs.
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