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Foamed silicone rubber

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Product Introduction
Foamed silicone rubber is a lightweight polymer material that uses solid or liquid silicone rubber as a carrier to form a controllable number and size of foam pores through physical or chemical methods. Foam silicone rubber material not only has the advantages of silicone rubber material, but also has the advantages of good elasticity, heat insulation, light weight, etc. It can be widely used in fields such as automotive electronics, machinery, and home.
Product features
1. Excellent resistance to high and low temperatures (can be used for a long time from -40 ° C to 250 ° C)
2. Excellent UV and ozone aging resistance characteristics
3. Good electrical insulation performance
4. Excellent thermal insulation performance
5. Lightweight and with good rebound performance
Product application
a. Foam liquid adhesive: can be used in the fields of beauty underwear, bedding (pillows, mattresses), medical mats, seat cushions, electronics, construction, etc;
b. Foam solid adhesive: used for manufacturing foam boards, rolls, sealing gaskets, etc;
c. Foam silicone strip: used for sealing, sound insulation, etc. in automobiles, machinery, etc.
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