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Why do transparent silicone products turn yellow?

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When manufacturers of silica gel products produce transparent silica gel products, they will find that the silica gel products that should have been transparent and colorless seem to have a color. Organic silica gel has properties such as temperature resistance and anti-aging resistance. The transparent silica gel products will not turn yellow after being put in place for several years. What is the reason for this difference?
1. Sulfurizing agent:
The effect of ordinary non anti yellowing vulcanizing agents on bright colors is different from that of light or transparent colors. When using ordinary vulcanizing agents, light or transparent silicone products can clearly see that they will turn yellow.
2. Production process:
Transparent silicone products can easily turn yellow after molding due to high machine temperature or prolonged vulcanization time. Therefore, it is necessary to strictly control the temperature and vulcanization time of the mold.
3. Raw materials:
If anti yellowing vulcanizing agent is added to the raw material, and the transparent silicone product still turns yellow after molding, it should be because the anti yellowing ability of the raw material is too poor. It is possible to consider replacing the raw material.
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